Privacy policy

The protection of your data is important to me. I would like to inform you about the nature, scope and purpose of the personal data collected, used and processed by me, and the rights to which you are entitled.


1.    Contact details

Name and address of the responsible person

Karl-Heinz Lewin

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3

D-85540 Haar


(here and in the following briefly referred to as I).

For more information please see my web page Imprint & Contact.


Data Protection Officer

There is no data protection officer for my web pages, because apart from me no other person is involved with my website or is concerned with your contact requests.


2.    Contact information

If you send a request to me via my contact form, you will be asked to provide the following data:

The e-mail address is needed to send your request; I would like to know your name (together with your e-mail address) in order to be able to answer your request appropriately. If you enter a pseudonym, then I will address you with the pseudonym in a possible answer.

Your name will not be saved anywhere, but remains part of your e-mail to me. As soon as I have processed the e-mail and delete it, your name will be deleted as well. In exceptional cases, when your e-mail contains particularly valuable information for me, I reserve the right to archive your e-mail. In this case I assume that you are quite happy that your name is used as the name of the originator of the valuable information.

Your e-mail address, on the other hand, is automatically saved by my e-mail program. If you do not want this, just let me know in your request; I will then delete the stored e-mail address after processing your mail.

I assure you that I will not pass on your personal data to third parties, unless I consider a piece of information you have sent to me to be information which is worth quoting and I will then quote it with your name as the author.


3.    Your rights

Right of objection

You have the right to note on any information sent to me, that you do not wish to be quoted by me. You may request, if necessary also subsequently, that I remove your e-mail address after processing and possible answering of your e-mail from the address book of my e-mail program.


Right of information

If you have sent me a contact request via the contact form or an e-mail then you know it yourself, that I now know your e-mail address and have stored it in my e-mail program. A right of information is therefore unnecessary.


4.    Connection data

When you access my website certain data is automatically transferred to the web server of my Internet service provider Hetzner Online GmbH and evaluated by it. This data includes:

Without further information, this data cannot be linked to specific or identifiable persons. The reference to you as a person could be established with the help of further data from your service provider.

The connection data is needed for the duration of the „session“ to establish the connection between the web server and your computer. and to maintain it. My Internet service provider Hetzner Online GmbH generates anonymized statistics from this for its own purposes and stores your connection data, including your IP address, for a maximum period determined by the provider, in order to be able to identify possible attackers (so-called hackers), as described in the Hetzner Online GmbH Datenschutzerklärung, described there under section „Server log files“. (Hetzner Online GmbH is responsible for the linked website; it can change the content of this website at any time. I refer here to the status of this website as of 28.05.2023; it was only available in German.)

My Internet Service Provider also generates statistics about the use of my website from these logfiles, which I look at occasionally. A personal reference from these statistics is not possible.


5.    Cookies

My web pages do not use cookies.


6.    Web analytics data

My web pages do not use web analytics like Google Analytics or similar. Thus no usage data is collected, stored or processed.


7.    Social media plug-ins

My web pages do not use social media plug-ins.


8.    Data security

The transfer of your data from your computer or smartphone to the web server of my Internet service provider occurs via a secured SSL connection. You can recognize this by the fact that the address of my web page as shown by your browser starts with „https://“ instead of just „http://“ (will not be displayed in every browser!) or a green, closed lock symbol or no display for an unsecured http connection (like a red, open lock) is displayed. By clicking on the icon you get information about the used SSL certificate. The display of the icon depends on the browser version you are using. The SSL encryption ensures the encrypted and complete transfer of your data. The SSL connection we use has been certified by the company DigiCert Inc. concerning its security and confidentiality.

The web server sends your e-mail via your e-mail server to my e-mail server at Hetzner Online GmbH in Berlin. Provided that your e-mail provider has its registered office and servers in Germany, these connections are also secured against eavesdropping by third parties, at least as long as no judicial order has permitted interception by the police or constitutional protection / national security services. If your e-mail provider is not based in Germany or has its servers abroad, please read the privacy policy of your e-mail provider.


9.    Severability clause

If parts or individual formulations of this text are not legal or do not, no longer or not completely correspond to the current legal situation, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.